Compilations With Powerful Cumshots On Girls Face +18

Compilations With Powerful Cumshots On Girls Face +18

Chapter II Slut Wife Nescafe Worships Big Black Cocks (INTERR, MMF, BBC, BJ, ANAL, WIFE, CUCKOLD) My name is Aziz; I am a 45 years old businessman from Casablanca. My wife Nescafe (that’s her nickname), is 15 years younger than me. She is a very tall (almost 6’) and very sexy babe with the most perfect body you could ever imagine! She‘s got the most perfect boobs, a small waist, large sexy hips, and the biggest booty in town. With the purest and silkiest skin ever, light brown shiny hair and the most beautiful eyes! She is definitely a man-dream girl!!! CHAPTER II I could not believe that the two black stallions were still looking fresh and ready for more intense sex even after hours of rough fuck. My sweet wife Nes was walking with her bums swinging when she went out of the bathroom. She headed for Big Shane! Then jumped over her Master’s massive cock and started to suck it and pump it like an expert. Jack was behind her ready to suck juices out of her wet sweet pussy! I was impressed by the way she was sucking that big black cock! The two handsome and well built guys licked her swollen pussy lips, and French-kissed her gorgeous pulpous lips for 10 minutes or so. The three aroused sex partners started the hottest sex scene of their stay in Marrakech!!! Jack sat down on a stool. Nes faced him put her legs around his waist then managed to slid his killer cock in her wet pussy. She wrapped her arms around his huge muscular chest and started deep kissing him. Her oiled massive booty was ready for exploration. Big Shane stood behind her and put some lubricant over her asshole, then gently inserted two fingers and worked that tight ass for a few minutes, before adding one more finger! Nes who was deep kissing Jack, started to moan! And to impress Big Shane she arched her back to offer him the best access to her huge booty! She also lubricated his black massive cock and guided it towards her welcoming hot canal. He pushed the head of that huge dick in her ass then slowly entered the tightest asshole in Arabia!!! Nes spread her butt cheeks to swallow that monster! Inch after inch, the entire massive dick was buried in her huge booty. Big Shane pounded her ass the way only a black man can and she just loved it! He was tireless...and my sweet wife was moaning and grunting! Her hunger for big black cocks made her swing her butt back to enjoy every inch of Big Shane’s big dick! I could not believe that her tight asshole swallowed such a monster cock! She was saying things I've never dreamed she would say to me or to another man. Jack managed to stand up still holding Nes with his massive cock and huge arms, and kept fucking her! Big Shane’s cock was still in her asshole!!! Nes had her wonderful legs around Jack's waist. Her swollen pussy was filled to the max by Jack’s monster cock while her phat ass was deep-fucked by Big Shane’s 13-inch massive meat!!! Both black stallions put their huge arms around Nes’ perfect body in a sandwich like position, and kept fucking her in both holes. Nescafe was enjoying continuous orgasms, my baby was in heaven!!! “Waaaaw, baby this is sooo intense! This is sooo fuckin wonderful d amn I am impressed! !!!” she said. What an amazing scene!!! Nes banged and hammered by two monster black cocks for what seemed an eternity and in a position I had never seen in my entire life, even in porn movies! 10 minutes later Big Shane and Jack were stroking sooo hard that you could hear the noise meters away. Nes was screaming but seemed to enjoy the fuck sooo much. “Shove your meat deeper! Fuck me harder! Smash that monster booty! I want you to cum deep inside of me! Pleeeeease do!” When both felt a ravaging orgasm heading their way they both pushed hard and shoved their pricks deep inside Nes’ swollen holes and then they stood still and shoot a huge amount of cum in her womb and ass!!!?? Nes was trembling badly because of the intensity of the continuous orgasms given to her by two hard-as-a-rock monster cocks! The three exhausted lovers laid down over the king-size waterbed and tried to recover from their tough performance. They fall asleep as Big Shane’s huge cock was still inside Nes’ dripping ass hole. Jack was sleeping next to them with his cock still firm It was almost five o’clock in the morning when this wild sex debate was over! I took a shower, put on my swimming shorts and went by the main swimming pool to enjoy fresh morning of Marrakech! I put my I-Pod earplugs to enjoy my favourite music and tried to get some sleep. I was sooo tired that I fall asleep immediately! I woke up around 11 pm, took a deep plunge and swum for half an hour. I went back to our suite to find Jack enjoying a large glass of orange juice and a great Moroccan salad. When I asked him where Nes and Big Shane were? He replied “They are still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake them up!!! “You know Aziz, I woke up around 10 am disturbed by a loud noise!!?” “What was it?” I asked. “Well it was Big Shane shaking the whole bed while hammering Nes’ monster booty! He fucked her in both holes for more than half an hour until they both came and then collapsed next to me!!? Then Nes begged Big Shane to fuck her ass one more time!!!? He just could not deceive his new wonderful sexy Arabian whore. So he took her doggy style and fucked her pussy and ass, he even let her ride him like a bronco f or another 15 minutes!!” “Aziz, your wife is never satisfied!!! What do you do to realize her fantasies and sexual desires?” “Well you should know that most Arab ladies are very hot and go wild when they have sex! So no wonder if Nes is a sex maniac, more than that she can do any thing to fuck a monster cock!!! So now that she has two monster cocks in her service I am sure she won’t leave you for one second until your last day in Marrakech!” Our two new lovers woke up said hello to me and Jack then went to the bathroom to take a shower. Ten minutes later Nes was grunting and moaning! We can see throughout the light blue glass wall of the bathroom that they were fucking again under the shower. As the door was ajar, I could see that Nes was on four with both hands and legs straight while Big Shane was shoving his massive meat in her wet pussy and hammering her big ass vigorously!!! They kept on fucking in different positions for almost 15 minutes! Their stamina and power really amazed me. When they finally showed up looking fresh and clean; Nes got closer to me then gave a hug and gave me a deep kiss. A young waiter served Big Shane and Nes a large seafood salad and orange juice. Beautiful Nes ordered also a Moroccan speciality for our American friends!? It was a sort of refreshing milkshake made with, almonds, walnuts, raisins, dates, avocado, fresh ginger, pure honey and milk!!! She then gave me that famous foxy smile, because she knew the effect of that magic drink! I told our American friends that they would love that drink!!! “It’s more powerful than Viagra, makes your cum richer and thicker, and gives you stamina and power for days!!!” Nescafe put her favourite swimsuit that showed all her assets and her divine womanhood! We spent a wonderful time by the swimming pool. Nes got everything she desired! Ice vodka, Arabic music, and best of all: two very good looking black stallions to take care of her wonderful body! Time went by very quickly, and around 6 pm we went to the restaurant to have dinner. The waiters took good care of us and served us some fine Moroccan and French dishes. Around 10 pm, we were planning where to spend the night. Nes suggested that we should go to a most famous nightclub in town and enjoy the rest of the night over there. “Let’s get changed guys! I am sure you are gonna love the place and most of all will have so much fun!” Nes said. And as always she put on the sexiest dress you could ever imagine, and of course no bra! But this time she decided to put on a very sexy g-string to make her self extra spicy! She looked glamorous! Her body was sooo hot and sooo sexy. Our American guests were eager to fuck her before going to the nightclub! “Be patient boys I promise that I will treat you like princes and will give you any thing you desire! My body is yours to explore, so I want you to go wild tonight and fuck me the way you want! I just can’t wait to have my sweet pussy and tight ass hammered by your tremendous black cocks!” When we got at the discotheque, there were about 100 people enjoying western music hits and everybody was sipping his favourite drink. Baby Nes ordered a bottle of whisky (Shiva’s Regal – 18 years), then served all of us. After a few drinks, she invited Jack to dance with her. Then it was my turn to join her in the dance floor. 15 Minutes later we joined our American friends. She served us another drink, then sat on Big Shane’s lap, and started French kissing him! I loved to watch her enjoying other men in front of me! Especially men with muscular bodies, massive cocks and most of all, men with the necessary skills and equipments to fuck a beautiful babe with a gorge
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ous body and monster booty like my Nescafe! After a while, they went to join the fun and started a wild sexy dance that drew everybody’s attention! Around 2 in the morning, the nightclub was very crowded and most people were impressed by the way Nes was dancing with our American friends! She was sweating heavily and that sweat made her look sooo hot and sooo sexy. Both Big Shane and Jack were stuck to her body dancing and moving in rhythm with her. She swung her booty back towards Big Shane on purpose in order to arouse him and make his cock hard as a rock! He grabbed her hips and started sucking and kissing her neck and back. He couldn’t resist her any more so he joined me in our private corner and made two drinks for both of us. Jack and Nes kept on dancing until 4 in the morning, so we decided to go back to the guesthouse. Nes was so drunk and Big Shane carried her to our car then sat next to her in the back seat while Jack sat next to me. On the road Big Shane and Nescafe lost no time and started kissing each other passionately! To my surprise Nes unzipped his pants grabbed his monster cock and started giving him a blowjob! Once in front of the guest house, we waited for a few minutes to let Nes finish her job! Big Shane carried her again to our suite. He even undressed her and the two lovers went under the shower. With her body still wet, she got into bed open her legs to show her swollen pussy to Jack and Big Shane! Both black men got into bed next to my horny wife to start their favourite game “Hammering Nes’ pussy and monster booty”. Nes took the two huge cocks in her hands and started sucking and licking them. "Baby I want you to prepare my pussy and asshole for Big Shane and Jack, I want to show them how much you love me and how you love to arouse me like an expert!" She ordered. I positioned my self between her legs then started to lick that soft pussy, I run my tongue up and down her erect clit and soft pussy lips, I loved the smell and taste of her pussy juices !? As I kept sucking her clit, she began to moan loud, she was about to cum! I stuck my tongue deep in her swollen pussy and started to drink her juices! I lubricated her asshole and inserted two fingers, and then I gently worked that hole and tried to expand it in order to fit Big Shane's massive member again! I did not want her to feel the pain! I spent more than 20 minutes preparing Nes' holes for the two black stallions. Big Shane put on some oil over her massive ass, and I gave a massage to that amazing 5-star booty! I also used some lubricant to prepare her asshole for Big Shane! Nescafe felt that she was ready to welcome the two monster cocks! I was still lying on my back with her over me in a 69 position and licking her pink, soft and swollen pussy! ''Come on Big Shane shove that black cock in my massive booty!” Nes said. I saw a well lubricated black cock; as thick as a base ball bat over my head; digging its way in my sweet Nescafe’s asshole!!! It was truly amazing having a closer look of the biggest cock ever entering the biggest booty in Marrakech with such an incredible know-how! The sound, the smell, the tools involved in that fuck scene gave me a moment of pure and intense pleasure! My cock was fully erect and Nes was sucking every square inch of it until I felt an intense orgasm about to take me to heaven! Nes suddenly stopped the blowjob then ordered me to move away and let Jack take my place! He slid underneath her and started to kiss her while she grabbed his fully cock and then shoved it inside her very wet and very swollen pussy. Big Shane was still struggling to slide his massive brick inside my slut wife lubricated asshole! It took him over 10 minutes to finally succeed to shove his entire cock inside Nes’ asshole! The three aroused lovers started a new sex debate and I really enjoyed the scene of two black monster cocks hammering the hottest pussy, and the biggest booty in Morocco for what seemed an eternity!!! I loved to watch how Nes managed to handle two huge monster cocks full of veins that were digging deep into her swollen pussy and her hot canal! She impressed me! I never thought she would be able to fuck two horse cocks in the same time. This time and due to the fact that both American stallions took a special Moroccan drink their stamina was amazing! I could tell that they were hungry, horny and ready for a non-stop sex session! I was turned on as Nes arched her back and spread her butt cheeks to give Big Shane a perfect view of her oiled booty and also to make it easy for him to shove his 13 inch of black massive meat inside her butt's hot canal. “Fuck me harder and deeper baby! You are sooo good! Pleeeeease don’t stop!” The black stallions tried all the positions I could imagine with my Nescafe! What else could she ask for? These dudes were fucking my sexy wife non-stop for more than two hours for the first time!!! The Moroccan power drink effect was obvious and when the American stallions were about to come it seemed to me that they were filling Nes’ spongiest pussy and monster ass with a gallon of hot, thick and creamy cum. “I want a black baby, breed me boys, cum deep inside my fertile womb!” Jack and Big Shane were about to go crazy when they heard that! And as they were cuming they let piercing screams and then gave Nes’ another unforgettable load of black semen! She was delighted! And started grunting and moaning as she had her umpteenth orgasm this morning! Her spongy pussy and monster ass were loaded by gallons of hot black cum! When the fuck scene was over, it was almost 7 am in morning! All three fall asleep next to each other as soon as they finished loading Nes’ holes with their hot thick cum. This time I could not stand it any more! Therefore, I went next to Nescafe, took off my boxer and asked her to suck my cock. She acted like a professional whore! She sucked and licked my entire shaft for 10 minutes! Her blowjob was so intense that I felt a huge orgasm about to hit my body. She suddenly stopped sucking my erect cock, and positioned her self over me! She spread her swollen pussy lips then stuck my cock inside her still dripping cunt. She gripped my 8 inch cock with her pussy muscles and started sliding up and down my shaft. She gave me an intense orgasm and to reward her I gave her another load of hot jizz. Cum was dripping from her pussy and ass! She put her arms around my neck and started kissing me! “I love you sooo much baby, you make me a very happy lady. Let me clean that mess from you cock!” She grabbed my cock and started licking all that cum! She jumped over Big Shane’s and Jack’s monster cocks and cleaned them with her sweet tongue! What a whore! She could fuck for an eternity now! I came to the point that with a hot lady like Nes who has all the assets to seduce you; an ever swollen pussy and an athletic booty next to you, your cock will definitely stay fully erect for hours! What an amazing and wonderful feeling when you watch your slut wife being taking care of by the biggest black cocks in town! During the last day of our American guests in Morocco we took them to the airport and stayed with them until the last minute before boarding the plane. Nes looked sooo gloomy as they were about to leave. She was gonna miss those huge monster cocks for a long period of time before our trip to America where Big Shane and Jack would introduce us to their friends from porn industry!!? We were very excited about our trip to America. To prepare ourselves for the American trip, Nes suggested that we moved our business to Marrakech since we enjoyed the new life style that this beautiful city offered to us. We also joined a famous gym in Marrakech and started to exercise 4 times a week. Nes got herself a private professional trainer in order to get the most perfect body shape for our American friends and most of all she wanted to impress all the porn stars we were going to meet in Florida and NY. One last detail her coach was a giant black dude from Haiti, almost 6'7'' with a very muscular body and most of all a 13 inches monster cock with a full 7 inch in girth! My sexy wife choose the right person, he was her coach and her lover for almost two months! He used to come to our beautiful house during the weekends sometimes alone and sometimes with his friend from Haiti. They practiced sports with Nescafe for an hour and half in our private gym. After the gym they spent over 45 minutes in the sauna, in the Jacuzzi and in the Moroccan hammam. Then after dinner they spend the whole night fucking in our bedroom until dawn! Sometimes I joined the fun and sometimes I just watched that big athletic dude from Haiti widening my wife’s pussy and asshole. Thanks to her coach, Nes learned the art of dealing with monster cocks especially deep ass fucking and handling huge cocks Double Penetration in both her soft pussy and tight ass. My wife became a professional whore! I was and I am still very proud of her. Her sex life blossomed and so did mine! End of chapter II Do not miss! Chapter III: Nescafe Goes Wild In America And Hubby Loves It

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