Whore who delights her pussy with two cocks

Whore who delights her pussy with two cocks

After the exhausting bout of sex that morning, Lily napped through lunch and into the afternoon. She woke up hungry and horny…again. Convinced that management was piping an aphrodisiac through the air conditioning vents, she pushed herself off the canopied bed and went out to the patio. The waves, white capped, crashed onto the beach. The blue sky from that morning was now a swirling mass of blacks, greys, and shades of white. There was an electric feel to the air. The clouds, pregnant with rain, teased and cajoled the angry sea, which tried to retaliate with large, clumsy waves. Lily wrapped a sheer white sarong around her naked body and stepped further out onto the beach. Lightening sizzled around her, as fat droplets of rain dropped from the sky. Gusts of wind whipped the edges of her sarong around, baring her legs and ass. The coming storm was hypnotizing. As if in a trance, she ventured closer to the edge of the water. “Now is not the time for a swim,” A deep male voice said. Lily jumped and spun around to face the stranger behind her. A tall, deeply tanned man stood not 2 feet from her. His black hair whipped back and forth, as the wind rushed around them. He was wearing a white shirt, left unbuttoned, and a pair of loose white shorts. Every time a gust of wind hit him, she could see the outline of his thick cock, as it lay against his left thigh. Her mouth watered from the sight. She stepped closer to him. His bright blue eyes burned a hole through her. A loud crack of thunder and bright flash of light had her scurrying into his arms. His body was warm and solid. She snuggled closer, making him chuckle. “Afraid of a little thunder?” he chided. She buried her face into his chest; inhaling his spicy male scent. Letting the high energy of the storm take control of her, Lily pressed her tongue flat against his copper nipple. He hissed, as she licked and nipped the flat disc. Waves crashed around their feet. “Careful now…You’re playing with fire now,” he warned. Lily wiggled her hand between their bodies and cupped his balls. She felt his cock swell to its full length. Slowly stroking him through his clothes, she rubbed her body up and down his. Pushing him past his breaking point, she heard him growl deep in his chest. As the wind blew her sarong up, he dropped his hands to her ass and hoisted her up. Lily wrapped her legs around his waist, as his mouth descended upon hers. His tongue plunged between her lips, thrusting in and out like his cock would soon be doing to her cunt. Their clothes were plastered to their bodies, as torrential gushes of rain pelted them. His fingers kneaded her ass cheeks. She felt his middle finger wiggle its way up her unguarded ass hole. Squealing, she felt his finger sink all the way to the knuckle. Her pussy rippled, as his impaled finger squirmed; tickling the smooth walls inside her ass. He dropped to his knees, pushing her onto her back. With his free arm, he pushed her legs to her chest and finger fucked her ass. Lily, horny beyond words, wrapped her arms around her knees and pulled her legs apart. Her pussy lips plumped out; her swollen clit pulsed. “You like that, don’t you. You like my finger in your tight asshole,” he snarled. Rain continued to fall; pooling in her belly button and filling her upturned pussy hole. He trailed sucking kisses down her flat stomach, stopping right above her rosy pink vulva. Nipping at the tender skin covering her inner thigh, he eased another finger into her rosebud. She gasped, as he opened and closed his fingers, stretching her relaxed hole open and letting it snap back closed. His whiskers tickled her thighs, as he turned his face into her cunt and inhaled her musky sweetness. She rolled her hips, trying to get him to taste her pussy, but he would only tease her a bit by rubbing back and forth on her clit with his nose. Her cunt gushed, when he finally glided his tongue up her clitoral shaft to the tip of her hood. His tongue wiggled her hood, so that her bare bud was exposed. “Oh, my God!” she hollered, when he slowly swirled his tongue around her nub, barely touching it. Lily moaned and panted, as he sucked her clit into his mouth and nursed on it. Her cream coated his chin; her ass spasmed around his fingers. She was close to the edge, and as the storm peaked, so did she. Lily’s scream of pleasure was lost in the deafening sound of the waves crashing to shore, the torrents of rain, and the howling of the wind. Her thighs squeezed against his head; her stiff body trembled. He pulled his fingers out of her tight ass, which remained slightly open from the width of his thick digits. Slapping her ass lightly, he guided her to her knees, and then pushed her head down against the wet sand. She felt his hot, thick cock bully its way into her quivering pussy. Gripping her hips tightly, he rammed all the way into her sheath in one quick thrust. The sand abraded her soft cheek and her legs felt like Jello, as he battered her hungry puss from behind. He timed his thrusts with the coming of the waves and crashing thunder. She felt him slam into her several times, and then in one long push, his body stiffened. His cock quivered inside her, as it emptied his warm cum deep inside her pussy. The rain began to slack off, as he leaned weakly over her back. His empty shaft slipped free, as the sea calmed down. He lay down on his side and pulled her close. They watched the wind drive the clouds away. The rain washed atmosphere felt clean. Her eyes drifted closed, as the sun was setting; the sky colored in shades of blue, rose, and purple. A few hours later, she woke up, covered in his white shirt. The night sky was inky black, making the stars that dotted it look like diamonds. She made her way back to her suit. Sitting on her bed was Leta. In her hands, she held a straight razor and shaving cream. “It seems our Lily was begun to bloom,” her lilting voice sang. “Huh?” she asked, confused. “Well…it seems that you’ve accomplished something that no one, and I mean no one, has been able to do,” Leta said. “What’s that?” Lily replied. “You made quite an impression on Travis,” she told Lily. “Travis? Who’s Travis?” Lily inquired. “Travis. You know…the man that you fucked out on the beach,” Leta said. “Oh,” Lily sheepishly said. “Yeah…he’s been coming here for about ten years now. Always alone and never touches anyone,” she explained. “Really? Why?” Lily asked, curious. “I don’t know the full story, but apparently something happened…an accident…he lost his wife. Now, all he does is prowl up and down the beaches,” Leta went on. “Is…is he crazy or…dangerous?” Lily, suddenly worried, inquired. “Oh…no! No, he is super friendly. It’s sad really,” Leta assured her. After a moment of silence, Lily said, “Hey! How did you know?” “I watched, silly,” Leta laughed, “and let me tell you something…it was the hottest thing that I’ve seen.” “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. As sexy as you are, I’m sure that you’ve seen and done better,” Lily giggled, slapping Leta’s shoulder. “No…I’m telling you the truth. I sat right there in front of the door and watched. I could not have left, if I tried,” Leta exclaimed. “Leta…did it turn…you on?” Lily asked, blushing. “Yes, baby…it did. I had my fingers in pussy in no time flat,” she replied. Lily idly watched as Leta filled a bowl with warm water, and then set it on the bedside table. Next, she covered the bed in towels. Crooking her finger at Lily, Leta motioned for her to lie flat on the bed. “Here…nibble on this,” Leta said, pitching an apple to her. “Thanks,” Lily gratefully said. Leta made short work of ridding Lily’s pussy of all its hair. Within minutes, her skin was baby smooth and bare. Her skin was so sensitive now. Just the simple touch of her hand sent chills all over her body. “Oh…this is gonna be fun,” she laughed. “Now that you have no hair cushioning your delicate parts, you’re gonna be very sensitive,” Leta warned, “Don’t overdo it.” Lily finished the light snack, brought for her by Leta, and thought about the past few hours. She hadn’t even been on the island a full day, before sixty-nining the receptionist and fucking a stranger on the beach. Worrying that something was wrong with her, she peered up at Leta. “Leta, does…um…is there…,” Lily mumbled. “Spit it out,” Leta said. “Look…I’m not normally like this! I’ve had more sex today than in the past 6 months,” Lily cried. Leta smiled down at the small woman, and gently said, “No need to say more. A lot of people, like you, are invited to the island. It’s like the boss can see into you mind, find out what you need. You were invited here for a reason, which the boss will make clear to you soon.” “But…I’m acting like a total whore!” Lily moaned. “And, pray tell, why is that bad? Everyone has hedonistic desires in their hearts, and if they say they don’t, well…they are lying through their teeth,” Leta reasoned. Lily slipped off the bed. Approaching Leta from behind, she wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her close for a hug. Leta patted Lily’s hand, and then untangled herself. She handed Lily a bright blue, silk cloth that measured 60in by 30in. “Most people tonight will be naked, but for the newcomers, the boss allows them to partially cover themselves, until they are comfortable with nudity,” Leta said, “I picked this color for you. It compliments your red hair and blue eyes.” “Oh! It’s beautiful! Thank you, Leta,” Lily exclaimed. Leta wrapped the silky cloth around Lily’s hips. The knot hung low, exposing part of her round ass. Next, Leta grabbed a piece of ice and traced Lily’s strawberry colored nipples, until they stood hard and proud; her areola puckered tightly. “There! All finished. Now…I wanted to warn you that you’re gonna see a lot of kinky things at the party,” Leta said, “I guess what I’m trying to say is to go out there and have fun! Experiment…Live.” She shoved Lily out of the suite, escorting her to the beach. All traces of the earlier storm were gone; the night air was warm, with a pleasant breeze coming off the salty water. Lily, spying a large bonfire in the distance, made her way to the party; butterflies dancing in her stomach. Even before she made it to the fire, she saw other guests milling about. People of various sizes, shapes, and colors talked, happily. Leta had been right, aside from her, there were, maybe, four other people partially clothed. Not wanting to stand out, Lily discretely untied the knot, letting the cloth fall free. She picked it up and draped it around her neck, so that one end hung over her shoulder, making her nipple play peek a boo, and the other end hung down her back, tickling her ass as she walked. She found a large rock and sat down, watching the crowd. Cock swayed back and forth, as men chased women around; breasts jiggled, asses shone. To her right, a man had a woman over his lap, spanking her large globes. The woman, hollering loudly, squirmed and begged him not to stop. Next to them was a man fucking a woman from behind, which wasn’t too mind boggling, until she noticed that another man appeared to be licking his ass. Lily, unable to rip her gaze from this scene, watched the second man get up and sink his cock deep into the first man’s ass. Her pussy drooled. She heard the first man moaning; fucking the woman under him harder. Shaking her head, she pulled her mind back to the festivities, and thought, “This is definitely a place worthy of hedonism!” She watched seve
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ral people form a daisy chain; licking, sucking, and slurping. Everyone was pleasuring everyone. It didn’t matter if they were the same sex or not. They sought and found pleasure in any way they could. She gazed in front of her. Just past the fire, her eyes locked with Bastian’s, and again, he stared at her, hard. She felt the sizzle course through her body, like before in the hallway. Lily couldn’t tell if he was naked or not. She glanced back at the threesome that had snared her attention. All three players were panting and groaning, their skin shiny with sweat. She turned her attention back to the fire. Bastian was gone. Disappointed, she sighed. Off to her right, a couple approached her. The man stood tall and proud; his body sculpted. His heavy cock bobbed, as he got closer to her. Lily’s eyes widened at the size of him. Growing before her eyes, the man’s tool went from pointing down at the sand to standing erect; hard against his flat abs. His heavy sac drooped. The woman, slightly behind him and to his left, was petite. Her small frame was dwarfed by his large one. He was leading her around by a leash, attached to her neck by an elaborate collar. The woman’s tea cup breasts were capped with large brown nipples; her pussy bare. The couple approached her rock. The man leaned against it, and after telling the woman to kneel at his feet, he stared at the fire. Lily, trying to be covert, watched the couple out of the corner of her eyes. Finally, after several long seconds, he turned to her and said, “I don’t believe we’ve met.” His voice was strong; authoritative. “No, this is my first time here,” Lily answered. “First time and naked. Hmm…you might just fit in nicely. I’m Master P, and sitting beside me, like a good girl, is Petunia,” he said. Lily watched the woman’s face grimace. “Her name isn’t really Petunia. I say that to pick at her. This is my beautiful wife, Penelope, but she goes by Penny,” he laughed, rubbing his knuckles down her soft cheek. Penny purred, nuzzling his hand. “I’m Lily. Nice to meet you,” she answered. “Likewise,” Master P said, “It seems that my Penny wants to suck my cum out of your pussy.” Lily gasped at his directness. She stared dumbly back at him, not knowing what to say. Her mind was flooded with images of this well hung man using her pussy in any way he wanted, and then images of his sexy blonde wife eating her pussy; licking up the cum that dribbling from her loose hole. “You game?” he asked. Penny stared hopefully up at her. Master P, noticing her disobedience, snapped his fingers. Frowning in displeasure, he crossed his powerful arms across his chest. “You did NOT have permission to gaze upon Lily’s beauty!” he snapped. “I’m sorry, sir,” Penny said, contrite. “Oh…please, don’t be mad at her! I wasn’t offended,” Lily said, hastily. “No worries, dear Lily. She likes to disobey and does so frequently, just to get punished,” he assured. “Really?” Lily asked, warily. “Tell her, my love,” he said to Penny. “Oh yes! I love it when my master spanks me, when I’m bad,” Penny said, quickly; her eyes glowing. Master P’s erection bobbed, as Penny spoke. He stood up and extended his hand to Lily. The decision was hers. She put her hand into his, letting him pull her to her feet. “I prefer the comfort of my room. I hope you don’t mind,” he said, guiding her back to the resort. “I don’t mind. In fact, I wasn’t looking forward to getting sand up my ass,” Lily laughed. “Oh…there will be something up your nice ass, and it won’t be sand,” he said, voice deepening. Lily looked back at the rock. Penny remained knelt there, but once they had taken about ten steps, Master P turned back and looked at her. He snapped his fingers to get her attention. “Since you blatantly broke the rules, Penny, you are to crawl back to the room on your hands and knees; staying ten paces behind us,” he ordered. “Yes, sir,” she answered. Although the walk to their room was short, Lily felt bad. She could only imagine how sore her knees were getting. She was relieved when Master P finally opened the door to their suite. He waved his arm, gesturing for her to enter, and then waited patiently for Penny to arrive. After ushering her inside, he shut the door and dimmed the lights. Penny stood up and covered the various lamps with a sheer red cloth, bathing the room in a seducing, lusty shade of crimson. She lit incense, filling the air with the sweet, intoxicating scent of ylang ylang. Once that was completed, she set out a large bottle of lube and a huge vibrating dildo. “For your punishment, you will watch me eat Lily’s pussy, and then fuck it. Your pussy is to remain untouched,” he commanded. A hint of a smile touched Penny’s lips. “And…when I fill her sweet, tight cunt full of my cum, you are to lick and suck her pussy clean,” he continued. “Yes, sir,” she said, eyes downcast. Master P turned back to Lily, who was trying to be inconspicuous as possible. His big body pinned hers to the wall. His face descended, and he captured her lips in a soul searing kiss. His tongue plunged in and out of her mouth, as he sucked the breath from her lungs. Her tongue wrestled with his, as his hand slid down her body. She felt his fingers part her labia. Her, now hairless cunt, tingled. Sinking two fingers deep into her damp canal, he finger fucked her hard, lifting her body off the floor by her pussy. Lily moaned loudly. This man radiated sex. He, roughly, stimulated her G spot, making her pussy flood with cream. The sounds of a super wet pussy filled the air. He pulled her away from the wall, keeping his fingers buried in her cunt. Still kissing her deeply, he guided her, by her pussy, to the bed. Master P broke the kiss. Pulling his fingers out of her drooling puss, he rubbed them all over her mouth, having her suck the pearly juice from his long fingers. He told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees. There was no need for foreplay. Lily couldn’t wait to feel his hard cock in her pussy. He stood at the foot of the bed; cock poised in hand. “Scoot to the edge, love,” he purred. She wiggled her way to him, until she felt his thighs rubbing the back of hers. His massive cockhead probed her cherry red folds. He inched just inside her hole, making the thousands of nerve endings there sing. He pushed further, and all the air left Lily’s body. Further and further, he went, until Master P’s monster cock was balls deep inside her pussy. “You know what I like,” he growled back at Penny. Lily peered over her shoulder, curious about what he liked. Penny stood directly behind him doing something. Master P leaned over her back; his cock pumping shallowly now. Even with just the head inside her, Lily still felt full and swollen. Her clit, throbbing so hard, felt like it was going to burst in half. She wanted to cum and started to rub her aching bud. “No…save it,” he rasped. A few seconds later, Master P groaned loudly. His cock quivered in her pussy. She felt him harden even more, and then, Lily heard the buzzing. His big body was shaking; his shallow strokes quickening. “Ugh…yes!” he moaned. Lily didn’t know what was going on, but whatever it was, Master P liked it. She held on to the sheet, as his fingers tightened on her hips. He straightened his torso and began to pound her pussy. He pulled out of her pussy quickly and leaned back. Lily looked back at him and saw Penny roll a condom down his shaft. She worked quickly, thickly coating it with lube. Lily buried her face in the sheet, as Penny pushed the bottle of lube flush with her anus and forced a large dollop of it deep inside her. She felt Master P’s fingers ease their way inside her wrinkled sphincter, loosening her up. Lily, worried that it would hurt, tensed. “Relax, baby. This is gonna feel so fucking good!” his gravelly voice said. Penny wiggled her way under Lily, until her mouth was even with Lily’s clit. The tip of her tongue swirled around Lily’s bloated nub. Focusing her attention on what Penny’s maddening tongue was doing, her body, unable to divide its attention, relaxed enough for his plum to pop past her tight muscle ring and into the soft, smooth cavity of her ass. The fiery burning added to the pleasure of her clit being nursed by his sexy slave/wife. Her anus struggled to snap closed, but in the end gave up the battle. He felt her snug hole loosen. As his strokes got faster and harder, the burning sensation ceased, leaving an incredible pressure. “Yes. Yes. YES!” Lily yelled. Penny, not wanting the woman to cum to soon, stopped sucking on her clit and moved to Master P’s bouncing balls. She sucked one into her mouth, licking and nibbling on the wrinkled skin. Master P, close to the edge himself, yanked free from her ass. He watched her swollen, slack ass hole tremble, and then snap loosely closed. Penny peeled the condom from his rock hard shaft and sucked his cock into her mouth. After her brief taste, she guided it back into Lily’s dripping pussy. “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna fill that tight cunt of yours full of cum,” he sneered. Lily straightened her arms, so she could see what Penny was doing. Master P’s balls bounced against her ass, as he fucked her pussy, but it was what Penny was doing that aroused her further. Penny, licking his sac, was thrusting a vibrator, the one she saw earlier, in and out of her master’s ass. From what Lily could see, every time he pushed into her, Penny would push into him, stimulating his prostate. Master P’s body went rigid; his motions jerky. He slammed into her several times, and then stayed still. Lily felt his hot juice splash her pussy walls. Her clit pulsed. He pulled out of her; his big cock no longer damming up her juices, which were now mingled with his. Immediately after his exit, Lily felt Penny’s lips seal her hole and suck hard. The woman’s strong tongue delved inside and scooped out the still warm cum that Master P had deposited in her body. Penny’s small chin rubbed back and forth and to and fro over Lily’s swollen clit, sending her over the edge. Lily, cumming harder than ever, felt her body contract down. Pleasure in the form of hot white heat blossomed in her core, before radiating out. With each contraction, her pussy squirted cummy cream into Penny’s waiting mouth; when her body was drained of energy and cum, Lily’s arms buckled, and she lay, weakly, atop of Penny. The threesome rested; limbs tangled. Master P, the first one rested, untangled his body from the women. He stretched, before getting up and going to the bathroom. “Come, Penny,” he said. Penny smiled at Lily, as she got off the bed. “Thank you, Lily. Please…rest here, as long as you like,” she said, joining her husband in the bathroom. Lily lay there, breathless. From her position on the bed, she could see into the bathroom. Master P kissed Penny hard, before pulling her over his lap. Her plump ass was high in the air, and then, with a sharp crack, his hand smacked her ass cheeks, leaving a bright red mark. Penny squealed loudly and begged for more. Over and over, he spanked her, until with a long wail, the woman came. Lily spied on them, as he straightened Penny’s body. Penny wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him passionately. No longer wanting to intrude, Lily got off the bed and silently slipped out of the room. Exhausted beyond words, she made her way to her own suites. Not caring about the stream of cum trailing down her thigh, she crawled into her bed and fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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