This Romanian Woman Does A Very Good Job On The Cock

This Romanian Woman Does A Very Good Job On The Cock

Fifty-five-year-old larger lady Debbie Simpson had had what she was now convinced was the fucking of her life when she hooked-up at the annual company conference with the considerably younger Simon Curtis.In the few weeks since that night of sex, she had had two sexual encounters of sorts but neither was particularly successful and certainly neither were satisfying for her.On the first one with a youth of eighteen, he ejaculated in his underpants before they really got started and he fled in embarrassment, and the second one, a man in his forties, at least got his cock into her cunt but he came after about half a dozen thrusts and again Debbie was left frustrated.She kept thinking back to that night of passion with Simon but as they lived a couple of hundred miles apart, plus the fact that he was married, the best that she could hope for was a repeat performance at the company conference the following year.She decided to treat herself to Friday and Saturday night away at a nice hotel in the hope of meeting somebody that would give her what she craved but if that did not happen then at least she would have a change of scenery.Debbie arrived at the hotel early evening and, having checked in, she changed into what she considered to be her smartest and most sexy outfit of black skirt and jacket and white blouse. She also wore her sexiest underwear although if all went as she hoped the underwear would not be on for too long.She had a very pretty face and she applied just the right amount of make-up to it before going to the hotel bar, purchasing herself a drink and placing herself on a stool at the far end of the bar although her large buttocks rather overlapped the stool.She had been there about twenty minutes sipping her drink and watching the comings and goings when a man in a smart suit entered the bar and bought himself a drink.He did glance in the direction of Debbie and sort of half-smiled but, to her disappointment, he turned and left the bar drink in hand.She had now been there for almost an hour and had just purchased her third drink when the man returned to the bar but now dressed more casually. Debbie guessed his age to be early thirties and he was certainly good looking although with her desperate to be fucked most men were becoming good looking.To her delight, the man again smiled at her but this time, having bought his drink, moved towards her."Hello, I was hoping that you would still be here," he said.Trying to suppress her joy a little bit and try to remain cool she replied, "Oh, were you and why was that?"He did not answer directly but instead said, "I would offer to buy you a drink but it looks like you have just got one," nodding towards her almost full glass.Delighting herself with how cool she was appearing she replied, "Well, maybe you can buy me one a bit later."Again the man did not respond directly to her comment but instead introduced himself, "My name is Tim Henderson, and you are?""Debbie Simpson, pleased to meet you Tim Henderson," as they shook hands.Debbie was starting to feel her panties getting damp and her nipples felt as though they were like bullets."Would you like to sit over there, Debbie?" asked Tim nodding to a table well away from the bar and anyone else.Having agreed Debbie just knew that Tim's eyes would be on her wide arse as she slid off the barstool and led the way to the suggested table. Tim felt his cock start to harden as he imagined what those buttocks would look like naked once divested of that skirt.They sat and chatted and were getting on well with a lot of flashing of smiles and of eyes.Debbie told Tim that she was just treating herself to two nights away from home although she did not add that the main reason was that she hoped to have a good shag.Tim was also in the hotel for two nights but he had a business meeting throughout Saturday with that being the only time that his potential client could see him.Tim bought Debbie the drink that had been mentioned earlier and although it was her fourth, she was well used to alcohol consumption. So even if slightly merry, she was well in control of her senses.As the latest drinks were getting close to being consumed and the time now well after nine o'clock, it needed to be established what was to happen next because, although they were both having the same thoughts, they were not certain that the other person was thinking that way."Oh well, with that meeting tomorrow I had better start to think about bed," said Tim trying to gauge Debbie's reaction.With her eyes fixed on his and her confidence boosted by the drinks she said, "Yes, I have been thinking about bed too."They sat in silence for what was only seconds but seemed ages as their eyes locked and Debbie, almost subconsciously, licked her lips."Um, I might be getting this horribly wrong but I don't suppose you...." started a slightly nervous Tim."Would go to bed with you. Yes, I would love to," replied Debbie hoping that she had completed Tim's sentence correctly."Wonderful, I fancied you the moment I saw you when I first arrived," said the now more confident Tim."Your room or mine?" asked the very turned on Debbie."Perhaps yours tonight and mine tomorrow night," replied Tim as his cock approached full erection in his trousers."That sounds good to me," said Debbie as they finished their drinks and got up from their chairs anxious to start fucking.They held hands as they approached the lift and as they had the lift to themselves they kissed and hands started to roam as they went up the three floors to where Debbie's room was.They were slightly embarrassed as they were still kissing when the lift door pinged open on Debbie's floor and an elderly lady was stood awaiting the lift. They giggled their way to Debbie's room.They got inside and the removal of clothing started straight away with Debbie's jacket being off and her blouse undone and Tim's shirt unbuttoned and his trouser belt undone.Shoes were discarded.Some more kissing followed but then the removal of clothing sped up with Debbie's blouse and bra being discarded to allow her huge tits to flop free and Tim's trousers were dragged down to leave his underpants being stretched by his erection.They were in a bit of a quandary because they both wanted to take things slowly whilst both anxious to be naked and fucking.In the end, getting naked took precedence and Debbie's skirt and panties were on the floor and Tim's shirt was off and he had stepped out of his trousers and underpants.Debbie lovingly stroked Tim's very impressive penis as his fingers worked in her wet cunt.The naked couple made their way to the bed and they looked into each other's eyes with Tim above Debbie and his cock at her entrance. They kept eye contact as he slowly slid in and then they started to move faster as Debbie's large body reacted to Tim's thrusts and they started grunting and groaning as he slapped against her on each forward movement.Debbie was getting the fucking that she craved as the younger man's rigid cock serviced her and she was fast heading for an amazing cum."Mmm, mmm, oh God, oh," she panted as she started to orgasm and as that orgasm started to subside she almost screamed in ecstasy as a second cum followed "Oh, oh no, oh shittt!"Still, Tim rammed her and they were both sweating and their breathing was coming in bursts before Tim's prick released its white fluid into Debbie.When they, at last, started to calm they giggled and kissed before Tim said, "That was amazing.""Fuck, it was, wasn't it?" agreed Debbie.Despite the fact that he would have loved to stay the night, Tim said that he had better go to his room because his meeting on the morrow was very important, although Debbie managed to delay his departure by suggesting he shower in her room and then she gave him a blowjob. With a smiling and naked Debbie licking the last bit of Tim's ejaculation off her lips, Tim got dressed but they agreed to spend the whole night together on the Saturday.Tim had l
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eft for his meeting before Debbie had her breakfast in the hotel but she felt very contented after her sex session the night before and with the prospect of much more to come on the Saturday night.She spent some of the Saturday in the local shops and some of it sitting in a local park as she almost counted down the hours to when she could again expect to be having sex.Debbie did not see Tim when she had her evening meal and she was starting to get a bit anxious as they had not exchanged mobile phone numbers.She was just heading to the hotel bar when a male voice said, "Hi, beautiful."She turned to see Tim, "Hello, how are you? How did your meeting go?""I am fine and my meeting went great and I am so pleased to see you," replied Tim."I am pleased to see you, too. I thought I might have seen you in the restaurant," said Debbie."We had such a big meal early afternoon that I am not too hungry. Do you fancy a drink?""Yeah that was where I was heading, hoping to see you," replied Debbie."Well, we have got all night now. So, let's have a little drink and then go to my room.""Yes, I have just eaten so I need a bit of time for my meal to go down before I have too much exercise," she laughed."I think we will both be getting a lot of exercise later," said Tim as his eyes went to Debbie's backside encased in the same skirt but today she had a green blouse on.They spent approaching two hours in the bar, drinking but not drinking heavily, when Tim asked, "Do you feel ready for some exercise?""Getting that way but maybe we can have a slow build-up before we get too strenuous," replied Debbie."Sounds good, I want to taste your cunt," said Tim causing Debbie to look around to see if anyone might have been within earshot."And I want to suck your cock," replied Debbie now confident that nobody was close by.As she had given him a great blowjob in the shower the previous night Tim's already semi-rigid cock stiffened some more.They made their way to the lift but had to keep their hands to themselves in the lift because they were not alone.Once in Tim's room, they had a long passionate kiss, both very much looking forward to a night of sex.As they had the whole night and as they had agreed not to do anything too strenuous too soon Tim got behind Debbie and caressed her huge tits over her blouse as she ground her large backside against his already hard cock.Although they had fucked the night before Tim had not paid much attention to Debbie's arse but he decided to change that now.He dropped to his knees behind her and undid her skirt and slowly dragged it down as her twin globes that were bulging out of her knickers came into view.With her skirt at her feet, Debbie then felt her knickers coming down to join them so her bare arse was at Tim's face.He was very uncomfortable in his trousers so he undid his zip and took his erect cock out as he slowly and gently ran his hands over Debbie's buttocks. Having done that for a little while he then kissed all over each cheek as Debbie rocked and sighed as her already moist cunt got considerably wetter.She was taken to another level of sexual arousal as Tim slightly parted her large cheeks and started to lick the length of her arse crack. She was shaking now and knew that she would cum at any moment, Sensing this Tim, perhaps cruelly, withdrew his tongue from her arse crack for a moment but then replaced it with two fingers that he dragged from the very top of her crack, down over her anus then between her legs to her wet cunt. The fingers made the return journey and Debbie was on the absolute edge and wondering exactly what exquisite touch would take her over.That touch proved to be Tim's tongue at her anus and she positively shook and shuddered in orgasm as his tongue teased around and inside her arse hole.Her hands were behind her pushing Tim's head into her arse as her climax peaked and then subsided."Fucking hell, Tim. You know how to excite a girl," she said as she allowed him to remove his head from her buttocks.He stood up and removed his trousers and underpants and Debbie turned to face him and they kissed whilst his shirt and her blouse and bra came off."I think I will taste your cunt now," advised Tim as he moved her towards the bed.Debbie was on her back and Tim above her as he dragged his rock hard cock over her face before moving his body forward so that his mouth was at her cunt as his penis was taken in her mouth.There was much licking and sucking and Tim brought Debbie to another cum as he drank her juices. Her mouth was taking him very close to spurting when he mumbled, "Can I cum on your tits?" before withdrawing his cock from her mouth so that she could answer."Yes, yes, give me a titty fuck," agreed the euphoric Debbie so Tim moved around so that his cock was between her huge melons and he rocked backwards and forwards as she massaged his prick with her breasts.Her mouth had got him very close to cumming so this titty fuck was not likely to last too long and it didn't as his spunk shot out over her tits and neck and chin as they both laughed."Fuck, how do will follow that?" asked Tim as he calmed a bit."You could fuck me in the arse if you want," said Debbie who was starting to think that sex with Tim was even better than sex with Simon Curtis."Yes, okay. Give me some time to recover from that though," Tim almost pleaded.They had plenty of time so they just lay together kissing and cuddling for a while.A while later Tim's cock was slowly hardening in Debbie's hand before he asked her to roll onto her front.With his cock now again rigid he looked at the sight before him with her thick thighs and huge backside that he would soon be fucking.Debbie had been continuously turned on since before they left the bar but as Tim slowly kissed his way up the back of her legs she purred in pleasure. He kissed the back of her thighs and then her buttocks as she raised her arse a bit to meet his lips.His fingers and tongue sent her wild by exploring her arse crack and then she felt a thrill go through her as he dragged his rock hard cock over her cheeks and up and down her crack, his precum leaving a trail.His fingers went between her legs and got soaked in her cunt juices that he then transferred to his cock and smeared around her arse hole.She lifted her arse and braced herself for the feeling of her new lover's penis entering her backside.After applying some more cunt juice to cock and anus Tim placed his rock hard prick against her arse hole before slowly and gently edging his way inside her.Debbie found it uncomfortable and slightly painful at first but, as he got further and further in, she relaxed and the feelings caused her to orgasm again just as Tim started to move his hips backwards and forwards and fuck her arse.The arse fucking had not been going too long when Tim started to feel the build-up of spunk, "Where do you want me to cum?" he panted."Put it in my cunt. Cum in my cunt," replied Debbie breathlessly as Tim withdrew from her arse and she turned over so that he entered her cunt from the front.Actually having his cock in her cunt for the first time that night brought on yet another orgasm for Debbie and she was still experiencing that when Tim's semen spurted into her.At some time in the early hours, Debbie was near the bottom of the bed buttocks in the air as Tim stood behind her and gave her a long, slow cunt fucking. She came twice before he spunked inside her for what might well be the last time ever.They both left for their respective homes the next morning after some more kissing and heavy petting.They exchanged phone numbers and Debbie drove home happy that she had had another good fucking.As to whether it was better than the fucking that Simon gave her, she was unsure but if she ever had another fuck as good as either of them she would be delighted.She had achieved all that she hoped and more when she had treated herself to two nights in a hotel. She had been fucked almost beyond her wildest dreams.

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