Two Panarame Give Tongues To An Old Man's Ass Then Fuck Them

Two Panarame Give Tongues To An Old Man's Ass Then Fuck Them

Lily lay there, under the watchful gaze of Chris, who smiled at her lovingly. This was their first anniversary spent together. Tonight they were marking one year as an exclusive couple. One year of sleeping with only each other. One year of love for each other. One year of Lily being a part of Chris and Chris being a part of Lily. Chris wanted to make Lily feel special this night. He wanted to bring her so much pleasure that she would forget about everything else. He wanted to make Lily feel things she had never felt before, pleasure she hadn't even dared to dream about. Because seeing Lily writhing in pleasure from his touch, panting and gasping for air, was what got him off. He loved seeing the normally reserved and quiet Lily in that state of arousal. "Are you ready?" he asked. Lily looked up at him with her dark gray gaze and smiled coquettishly. "Let the fun and games begin," he said. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips, gently biting her bottom lip, which protruded just a touch more than her upper lip. He kissed along her delicate jawline and down her neck. He kissed each of her breasts, taking the time to lick the nipples, swirling his tongue over each hard little nub, causing Lily to moan and run her fingers through Chris' dark hair. He kissed down her belly, to her womanhood, where he lightly ran his fingers through the small strip of hair, loving the feeling of it underneath his fingers. He kissed the outer lips of her pussy before spreading her legs for better access. He could smell her subtle perfume mixed with the scent of her arousal. It was intoxicating. During dinner he caught the same scent as she ran her foot up his legs and over the slightly hard bump in his pants. It had taken all of his will-power to refrain from having her then and there. But now here they were, He could smell the heady scent again and it was driving him crazy. Lily did that to him. So easily it seemed. He lowered his head to her pussy and licked her warm, wet folds. He licked over her clitoris and Lily seemed to hum from the attention, shivering with pleasure. He grazed her clit with his lips and sucked it, holding it in his mouth. He was only just warming up, of course. This was merely the first act. Not even that, the first part of the first act. He kissed her clitoris and then sat back so he could reach the bedside cabinet, where Lily's small bullet vibrator was, and a butt-plug, which he'd purchased especially for this occasion. They were both open minded, keen to experiment, and his purchase of the butt-plug had been a surprise for her. Lily was excited to use it, but also slightly nervous. But that was for a little later. First came the vibrator, Lily's beloved bullet vibrator. She had told Chris about this a few months ago, when she had first really let him into her world, telling him how she liked to use it often for masturbation, which was an everyday activity for her. Sometimes, fingers weren't enough: Lily wanted more intense or subtle pleasure, depending on her mood. Chris turned on the vibrator, which was in a shade of metallic purple, Lily's favorite color. Because why not? She had thought all along, if she was going to do this, then she at least wanted to make it her favorite color. With the vibrator gently buzzing, Chris traced it over Lily's body, running it over her erect nipples. Lily arched her back and moaned from deep within. He trailed the bullet vibe further down her body, where he had previously kissed a trail, until he returned once more to her pussy. He ran it up and down her slit and through the folds before focusing his attentions on her clitoris where the vibrator gently buzzed, sending pulses of pleasure through Lily's body. He held the vibrator in place, not moving it, keeping it still on her clit, watching Lily and trying to see her reactions. Her skin was flushed with pleasure, her nipples hard little points. Her breathing was rapid and her back arched slightly, ready to receive him, which would not be for a little while. He moved the vibe slightly to the left and Lily moaned loudly. He moved it to the right and she moaned again. When using the bullet vibe, it did not take Lily long to climax. She knew this, of course, and so did Chris, whose greatest desire for Lily, was to have her climax powerfully. Chris placed the tip of it on her clit and manipulated it that way, using it as a little vibrating finger to bring her off. He made small circular motions, bringing Lily closer and closer to the edge, her sighs and moans becoming louder and louder, her body slowly starting to shake, ready to erupt.When she did finally burst it was a glorious thing for Chris to watch. Her chest heaved, her hips and back arched and she cried out loudly. He kept the vibrator on her clitoris, watching as she rode the waves of pleasure and, when the initial release was over, he watched as she shudde
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red with the aftershocks. He loved watching Lily cum. It was as good for him as it was for her. Placing the metallic and now shiny purple bullet vibe back on the bedside cabinet, he reached for the small black butt-plug. A small bottle of lubricant was next to it and, as he squeezed some of it onto his fingers and rubbed it into the toy, he watched Lily watching him. He put the butt-plug down very briefly and squeezed some of the lubricant onto a finger, which he placed at Lily's asshole, slowly penetrating it. Lily moaned, half in surprise and half in pleasure. This was their first time trying anal play, and while it would take some getting used to, she could not deny that she liked the presence of his finger in her ass. It seemed very naughty and forbidden - but also right.He gently probed, slowly moving ihis finger back and forth, allowing Lily to get used to the sensation, which she was enjoying more and more. After a while, he added a second finger, which had been sufficiently lubricated, and explored Lily some more. She was very tight, and he knew that when they had anal sex, it would be pleasurable for the both of them. Deciding that she was prepared enough, Chris reached for the small butt-plug with his free hand and, removing his two fingers from her asshole, placed the plug at her little hole. He very gently applied pressure and slowly pushed the tapered end into her ass. Chris stopped when he heard Lily take a sharp intake of breath. He watched her once more and, when she had calmed down, he applied a slight pressure once more and watched as her ass started to take the small toy. "How's that, Lil?" asked Chris, stopping for a moment with the butt-plug nearly halfway in. "Oh God Chris," she drawled. "It hurt a little at first but now the pressure feels amazing. Don't stop, keep going," said Lily, almost begging him. This is incredible, she thought as he slowly slid the small toy in the rest of the way. Oh fuck, she thought happily. Chris looked at her, loving the look of pure bliss on her face. His cock was rock hard and begging for attention so he positioned himself and slowly penetrated her pussy. It was incredibly arousing for the both of them, knowing that Lily's asshole was otherwise occupied, as Chris slid into her tight, snug pussy. He leaned down and kissed Lily when he started to thrust inside her, feeling the butt-plug each time he thrust up, which made him groan. She felt so full, but she loved the feeling. It was incredible! Leaning back so he could see his cock sliding in and out of her, Chris now knew that Lily was ready to be transported to a world of intense pleasure. He picked up the bullet vibrator again and turned it on. Lily's eyes widened for a brief second in surprise and anticipation. She waited expectantly for Chris to make the next move. As he slowly thrust into her, he rubbed her clitoris with the pad of his thumb on his free hand. Doing the same as he had done earlier, he placed the tapered end of the metallic purple vibe on her clitoris and held it there, not moving it. Lily's eyes were closed, her mouth open in a perfect 'O'. No noise was escaping her, she was silent, save for her heavy breathing. Oh my God, she thought, her mind racing, an overload of pleasure. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. She finally moaned loudly when Chris started moving the bullet vibe in small circles, just as he had done earlier. Every time Chris thrust or moved his hips into her pussy, she could feel the butt-plug moving also, which was like nothing she had ever felt before. "Oh shit," she said loudly, feeling another orgasm approach. Chris grunted and applied more pressure to the vibrator on Lily's clitoris, which sent her into overdrive. Her body shook and quaked with an orgasm and her moans grew increasingly louder. When there was no more noise left within her, and when her throat had become dry, she still kept her mouth open as testament to the intensity of the moment. "I'm gonna cum Lil," Chris told her, feeling the spasms of her pussy around his stiff cock. "I'm gonna cum.""Yes," she croaked. "Oh fuck Lil, I'm cumming," he groaned and unloaded inside her pussy. Lily felt every pulse of his cock and every jet of cum hit her insides. She felt everything. Chris took the vibe away from her clit and put it back on the bedside cabinet. He then kissed Lily, feeling himself going soft inside her until he slowly slipped clear. "That was amazing, Chris," she breathed, looking into his blue eyes and smiling. He slowly withdrew the butt-plug from her asshole and watched as, for the briefest of moments, her little hole seeming to wink at him before it returned to it's normal size. Lily groaned as she felt the toy exiting her ass, the full feeling leaving her. She felt almost empty down there. Chris lay next to her and drew Lily into him, kissing and cuddling her. "Happy anniversary babe," he said.

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