Do Something Beautiful With Your Mouth For Your Irresponsible Boyfriend And Whore

Do Something Beautiful With Your Mouth For Your Irresponsible Boyfriend And Whore

She caught him red handed; literally. Well, perhaps it could be said that he was actually caught pink handed. When Ginny walked in on her husband, as he lay half naked on top of their bed masturbating, he had a pair of her pink panties wrapped around his cock. It was comical in a way as he tried to cover himself and hide what he was doing. It was impossible of course; there was nowhere to hide. “What the... “ she cried out. Larry lay back, embarrassed and resigned. Ginny sat down on the edge of the bed by his side. “So this is what you get up when I go out on Saturday mornings to do the shopping!” she said. “I... I... ," he stammered. “Why are you back so early, anyway?” “I left my purse on the kitchen table.” Larry sighed. She smiled. “It’s okay,” she told him. “We all do it.” Larry smiled. That was probably true but it was still very embarrassing getting caught. “So who is she then?” Larry shook his head. “It’s not another woman,” he told her. “Oh, so it’s a man then?” Larry shook his head, “No... no... of course not!“ Ginny rested her hand on his thigh. “So who or what is it then?” Larry pulled himself up onto his elbows. “It’s... it’s nothing really,” he told her. Ginny reached for his fading erection. “It’s okay, you can tell me,” she told him. “You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine. Maybe they’re the same.” Larry found himself beginning to stiffen again at her touch. “It’s nothing,” he told her. Ginny began to move her hand up and down slowly as he grew fully erect in her hand. “It must be something if it excites you like this,” she told him. “Does it... does it concern me?” Larry nodded. “And what about me then?” He opened his mouth to speak but was unable to talk. “It’s okay,” she told him. “It’s part of our sex life. If it excites you and there’s any way I can help you, I will.” Larry sighed. Her hand strokes were exciting him. “It... it’s just a fantasy.” “And what is this fantasy?” “I... I sometimes think about you with another man.” Ginny smiled. “What, me fucking someone else?” Larry nodded. “Think you would like it, do you?” she asked as her hand stroke increased. Larry groaned. “I don’t think you would like it if I did this with another man, would you?” “Oh yes,” he groaned loudly. “What, me with another man’s cock in my hand like this?” “Yesssss.” “Would you like me to take him in my mouth as well?” Larry groaned. He was getting closer to cumming now. “Where would you prefer him to cum?” she asked. “In my mouth or in my pussy?” Larry cried out. It was just too much for him. He came all over her hand. Ginny cleaned them both up using her panties and some tissues. Larry was still a little embarrassed but he also felt much better. He reached up and kissed her; giving her breasts a gentle squeeze and touching her through the crotch of her jeans in the process. “Going to tell me yours then?” he asked her. Ginny stood up and smiled. “Later maybe,” she told him. “I want to catch the shops before things get too busy.” Ginny returned a couple of hours later and after putting away the shopping and having lunch, she suggested that maybe Larry would like to take a lie down with her. It had been a long time since they had gone to bed in the afternoon. Larry was a little surprised at her suggestion but Ginny could be pretty persuasive when she wanted to be and he found himself slipping naked under the duvet with her. She lay on her side, pressed up against him, as he lay on his back. He could feel her well trimmed pubic bush against his thigh. He was nervous; he wondered how his earlier revelation had affected her. She kissed his shoulder as she ran her hand down over his stomach. “So you fantasise about me with another man then?” Larry shrugged his shoulders. “It’s just a fantasy,” he told her as her fingers alighted on his erection. “So what’s the scenario then?” He shrugged again. She pressed her groin harder against him as she stroked his cock. “How do you think another man would feel with me lying like this with him?” Larry groaned. “So tell me then,” she said. “What’s the scenario?” Larry cleared his throat. “We... we... you’re finding difficulty enjoying sex with me,” he told her quietly. “One day you take me aside and tell me that unless things improve in bed you are going to have to take a lover. I try my best to satisfy you but it’s not working for you and... and... you find someone else.” Ginny listened as he spoke, masturbating him very slowly and gently. “Wouldn’t you find it humiliating?” “Yes,” he said quietly. “But I... I enjoy that part of it. You also tell your lover that I am useless in bed.” “I see,” she told him. “And... and who would my lover be?” “Someone of your choosing,” he told her, “someone who is a lot bigger and better in bed than me.” “That would go without saying, obviously,” she told him. “And... what if it’s someone you know, a friend perhaps?” Ginny felt his body jolt beside her. “It... it would be your choice. I would have no say in your choice,” he re
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sponded as her fingers teased him. Ginny said nothing for a few moments. “And... this lover of mine,” she began to say. “I could see him whenever I want and wherever I want?” Larry nodded. “I would want to sleep with him here,” she said. “Here, in our bed.” Larry’s body jolted beside her. “I... I would have no say either in wherever you wanted to sleep with him.” “And if I wanted him to stay the night with me?” Larry could feel his own wetness on his thighs. His precum was leaking profusely between her fingers. “It would be very humiliating for you, me bringing another man home to spend the night with me,” she told him. “Especially if it’s someone you know.” “I know,” Larry sighed. Ginny said nothing as she lay next to him, gently running her fingers up and down his shaft. “I would hate to have to humiliate you like that,” she said after a while. “I do love you very much but... but things could be better between us in the bedroom department.” Larry groaned loudly. “Sorry,” he told her. “Where... where am I falling down?” “You can be very quick in cumming,” she told him. “Just lately you have been leaving me... well, unsatisfied. And also, I don’t have as much oral sex from you as I used to. When we married five years ago, you were always very enthusiastic to go down on me but this last while... “ “I’m sorry.” Ginny kissed his shoulder. “Pete’s asked me out a few times, you know.” Larry sat upright. “Biker Pete?” Ginny nodded. “I work with someone who has been with him,” she told him. “He has quite a big one by all accounts.” Larry settled back down in bed and Ginny reached for his erection again. He was very wet and sticky. Ginny reached for the box of tissues by her bedside and began to wipe him. “You wouldn’t... you wouldn’t let him fuck you, would you?” Ginny kissed him. “That depends on you... and future performances,” she told him. Larry pushed her onto her back and moved between her thighs. It had been a while since he had last satisfied her with his tongue and he wanted to make amends. He parted her thighs. Her musky scent greeted his nostrils; Ginny was very wet. He ran his tongue over her inner labia lips, up as far as her clitty and then back down to love channel where a flood of juices greeted his tongue. Ginny groaned loudly. “Is this what you need?” Larry asked her. “Oh yes,” she moaned loudly. Ginny began to buck and writhe as she moaned. Larry thought about Biker Pete; he thought about him doing this to Ginny. Yes, he knew about his reputation. Both he and Pete went to college together and became good friends; having a love of motor bikes in common. Larry met Ginny and settled down, swapping his bike for the comforts of a car. Pete continued with his love of bikes. The girls seemed drawn to him. His ruggedly good looks along with his dirty blond long hair and his leathers seemed to be a magnet for the girls. He always seemed to have a girl on his arm and was reputed to have fathered four children in the locality. They still spoke to each other whenever they met but their lifestyles were completely different now to those of their college days. Larry plunged a couple of fingers inside her as he flicked her clitty with his tongue. Ginny was thrashing about wildly now and moaning very volubly. He knew that she was very close to cumming and he began to plunge his fingers inside her harder and faster and her clitty was now between his lips. It had been a long time since he had last pleased her this way; he regretted it now. He regretted denying her the pleasure she was now receiving and he was now pleased to be making amends. The bed shook as she orgasmed. He let her recover from her orgasm for a few moments before mounting her. They kissed. Her lips could obviously taste her own juices on his lips and she licked and sucked as he began to fuck her. Larry thought of Pete. He could imagine him on top of her, his long curly hair covering her face as he fucked her hard. He thought of her hands gripping Pete’s bottom in the same way she was gripping his now. He came quickly; too quickly. He apologised a few minutes later as he climbed off her. Ginny said nothing as she lay on her side next to him. They kissed and her hand reached for his cock. It was limp now as he lay there spent. “You won’t... will you?” he asked. Ginny smiled as her fingers began to stroke him. “What do you think?” she asked him. Larry said nothing but he could feel his cock beginning to stir again. “What would you want me to do, darling?” Larry remained silent but he was fully erect again; something that did not happen very often so soon after sex. “I think you would want me to do the right thing, wouldn’t you?” she said as she stroked him more vigorously. Larry groaned. “You would want me to have fulfilling sex, wouldn’t you?” she said. “You would want me to have sexual enjoyment, wouldn’t you?” “Oh God,” he cried out. Ginny leant closer and kissed him as she brought him closer to orgasm. “You want me to get a good fucking from somebody else, don’t you?” she whispered. Larry groaned once again as his cum splashed against her belly.

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